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We can’t control what’s put on television to infiltrate our minds, but we can, as men control the way we live and deal with women. Men have lost their leadership genes and the result of this is overly-aggressive “thugs” and emasculated “nice guys” because the structure of it all has been corrupted, so men either try to become overly tough as a reaction to our culture or over-sensitive to appeal to the status quo.

A real man is a leader, a person who handles his women, gets the girl and if a family-man takes care of his household. My goal is to help men get back to who we are instead of trying to be what society wants us to be.

My Rastafari big homie once told me some shit that always stuck in my head when he said “God told Adam not to eat from the Tree of Life in the middle of the garden of eden”. Think about that shit for a moment. Don’t get me wrong I don’t take the bible literally nor am I even a Christian, but the metaphorical knowledge contained in that Genesis verse is strong. The reason why is because once man takes part in eating his female out he’s now placed himself either on her level or below her. I keep reiterating this, but man has to be the leader in the relationship. He has to be the boss to have the respect of his woman. Sure women will love the feeling of it, but I guarantee you she’ll lose respect for you. And don’t think that because you’re doing this for her then she’ll return the favor automatically. You may be less likely to get yours then. It’s like you’re getting her off quick letting her bust her nut and boom she’ll lose any interest in returning the favor once she’s gotten hers. I’ve never had a problem getting head from a girl simply because I wouldn’t do the same to her. I realized a long time ago once women are hot and horny already from foreplay, making out, fucking, etc you can pretty much get her to do anything you want. You don’t have to go downstairs to pleasure her at all. A hard dick inside of her is much better any day of the week and the orgasms she gets are stronger(if you know what you’re doing!).